Rector Search Committee Survey-NOW OPEN!

If you only do one thing this summer, fill out the survey below created by Holy Cow! Consulting.
The survey will be available on Monday, June 11th.  We encourage all members, including youth, to respond to it as a means of determining preferences & hopes for the parish.
It is a comprehensive survey and takes an average of about 25-30 minutes. It is available to take online using the link below and must be completed in one session.
Although we prefer surveys to be entered online, a paper/pencil copy is available upon request.  Those copies can be obtained at the church office. The survey will remain open through July 8th
At the end of the survey there are five open-ended questions that you may want to think about before starting the survey.  They are as follows:
* What characteristics of St. Michael's are most important to be shared with prospective Rectors to ensure we reveal our true strengths and attract the best and strongest candidates?
* What are the areas for improvement at St. Michael's right now? What needs support, or where/what can we be doing better?
* Now that you have spent time reflecting on our present situation, think for a bit about your vision for the future of St. Michael's. What are your dreams, desires, and wishes for this church over the next five years?
* As you picture the next Rector for St. Michael's, what does this person look like to you? Consider demographics and traits, such as race, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or country of origin.
* Please share any additional comments that will be useful for the Search Committee during this process. 

Prayer for our Search Committee:

Almighty and gracious God, please guide St. Michael and All Angels in the search for the 9th Rector.  May each person committed to this calling trust your guidance to discern your will.  Give the Rector Search Committee open minds to receive the desires and concerns of all parishioners.  Grant them a creative spirit to overcome challenges with inspiration, resourcefulness, and productivity. May they carry out your works in our community and fully satisfy the needs of our parish.  All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Search Committee Members:
Jaime Keltner, Co-Chair
Beth Lee, Co-Chair
Crystal Danko
Marshall Dougherty
Dick LeClaire
Dahl Metters
Henry Orth
Susan Pingleton
Kristin Raven
Mary Wiggins
Amy Winter
Robert Wood