Serve Our Community

Neighborhood Pantry at St. Paul's
We partner with St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Kansas City, Kansas to provide a Neighborhood Food Pantry. The Neighborhood Food Pantry serves the hungry by providing Commodities Service (TEFAP) as well as fresh produce and bread to those who are in need. Contributions help to feed families in need the area around St. Paul’s. The pantry is open and distributes to those needing food, “Neighbors” Wednesdays, 12 pm—2:30 pm and Saturdays, 10 am—12:30 pm. Those needing food are assisted by “shoppers” (volunteers) that assist the neighbors in getting groceries and produce. The pantry is located at 
1300 N. 18th St., Kansas City, KS  66102. St. Michael’s and other parishes in the area help staff the food pantry, gather donated food items, and give cash donations to help purchase grocery items. 

How YOU can help
You can support the Neighborhood Pantry at St. Paul’s by making food and monetary donations, or by volunteering your time and serving as a “shopper.” A list of needed food items are posted every week in the St. Michael’s newsletter. Help us keep the shelves at the pantry stocked! 

Items Needed for the Pantry:

Click Here for Your Current Pantry List

If you are interested in helping in any of these ways, contact Sarah Peckham, for more information.

Breakfast at St. Paul’s
The parishioners of St. Michael’s have been preparing and serving breakfast at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Kansas City, Kansas since 1998! This is an outreach to the people in the area of St. Paul’s, to serve a delicious breakfast with love and compassion. Each week the guests are invited to a meal of scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, fresh fruit, coffee and juice. Breakfast is served from 9:30 to about 10:30 am.

How YOU can help
There are two ways you can support this ministry. The first is by volunteering your time. We need people to help serve breakfast! St. Michael’s is one of many groups that help keep this breakfast going. St. Michael’s is responsible for filling volunteers on the fourth Saturday of each month. The breakfast volunteers can help for one or both of the following shifts:
  • Shift One (7:20–9:30 am) volunteers prepare and set up for breakfast
  • Shift Two (9:15–11:00 am) volunteers help serve breakfast and to clean up.
First–time volunteers need not worry. There will always be veteran volunteers at the breakfast to help and support our new people. The second way you can support this ministry is through donations. We need donations to help us cover costs. To donate to the Breakfast at St. Paul’s ministry, please make checks out to "St. Paul's Episcopal Church" and write "Food Pantry #2233" on the memo line. You can drop your check in the offering plate on Sunday or leave it in the church office anytime.

If you’re interested in volunteering or would like to know more about Breakfast at St. Paul’s contact Julie Marcus,

St. Michael’s has an on-going partnership with two elementary schools, Crestview and Rushton. We support these two elementary schools in many ways throughout the year.
A large part of that support comes from the BackSnack program. Each week 120 backpacks are filled with nutritious foods and delivered to Crestview and Rushton. The backpacks are taken home by children who might not have enough food to eat over the weekend. They are returned to the school on Mondays and our volunteers bring them back to St. Michael’s so they can be prepared for the next weekend. 

How YOU can help
St. Michael’s needs volunteers to keep this ministry going. We need people that can fill the backpacks with food—which takes place at St. Michael’s—deliver the bags to Rushton and Crestview, or bring the backpacks back to St. Michael’s. If you are interested in helping in any of these ways, contact Amy Winter,, to get started!

The people that have assisted with this program are richly blessed by their experiences at Crestview and Rushton. Volunteer as an individual, or bring your friends and stuff backpacks. The process is easy, doesn’t take long, and it’s fun!

Uplift supports the homeless community in Kansas City by providing a nutritious, home-cooked meals. The meals are prepared by volunteers and are delivered by vans to the homeless on the 4th and 5th Mondays of the month. 

How YOU can help 
Uplift needs volunteers to prepare meals in their homes. The recipes are provided to volunteers. Once prepared, the meals are brought to St. Michael’s in aluminum containers (available at St. Michael’s) marked “UPLIFT” by Monday at 3 pm and placed in the kitchen’s refrigerator. 

Uplift also needs volunteers that ride on the vans to help deliver meals to the homeless. There are five seats available on each of three vans that go out three nights a week—Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Let us know well in advance if there is a time you would like to join us in this ministry.

To cook meals for the 4th Monday of every month, contact Debbie Kremers,


Since 2000, HopeBUILDERS has been helping people in the Kansas City Metro area live in Safety, Comfort, and Dignity. We have helped hundreds of homeowners regain hope that their community indeed cares about them. With all the natural disasters occurring around the world, HopeBUILDERS exists to ensure that those in need right in our own back yard are not forgotten.
HopeBUILDERS is a non profit organization that assists people in our local communities who may not have the ability to keep up on their home maintenance, address accessibility needs and other similar problems. Many elderly, disabled or single parents need help and have nowhere to turn. Through HopeBUILDERS we coordinate resources in our community to help meet those needs.

How YOU can help
St. Michael’s has a small team that comes together when a call for help is sounded. The team is always looking for new members to answer those calls. As a part of the team you, and the other team members, would be called and asked to help complete the service project as the need arises. 

Are you not handy with tools? Not to worry! This team is welcoming and loves to teach others. If you have questions or would like to become involved, take a tear-away slip below to get in touch with St. Michael’s HopeBUILDERS’ team leader, or Rich Labelle (picture below) or Greg Wayne.

Contact Person: Rich Labelle at or 
Greg Wayne at
Many hands make light work!
SAFEHOME provides a healing environment where survivors of domestic violence can gain inner strength, build self-esteem, explore options and establish a life free of violence. Through SAFEHOME’s shelter and community services, approximately 7500 individuals each year receive the support they need to lead healthy, independent lives.

Services include 24-hour hotline, 50-bed shelter, professional clinical counseling, children’s services, transitional housing, economic advocacy, court and legal services, and community education.  All services are provided at no charge to clients.  The gateway to all services is the 24-hour crisis hotline at 913-262-2868.

How YOU can help
Volunteer: Our website offers a description of volunteer opportunities including direct service, administrative support, committees and episodic projects. 
  • Financial Support: We gladly accept donations of cash, appreciated stock, estate gifts, memorials, and pledges.
  • In–Kind Donations: SAFEHOME always welcomes household items such as cleaning supplies, personal care items and new household linens. Please visit our website to see more of our wish list items.
  • Sponsor One of Our Events: We offer opportunities for businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor special events throughout the year.
  • Community Fundraisers: Some examples include drives for wish list items, group garage sales and cell phone collections.
Please contact Janee’ Hanzlick at for more information. 
Crestview & Rushton  Elementary Schools
St. Michael’s has an on-going partnership with two elementary schools, Crestview and Rushton. We support these two elementary schools in many ways throughout the year based on needs of each school’s students and staff.

How YOU can help
These schools need supplies and volunteers throughout the year. St. Michael’s holds collections as these needs arise. Collection notices will be posted around the church and in the newsletter when specific donations are needed. Listed below are a few donations that have been collected to support these elementary schools.
  • Health fees – Through a monetary donation from St. Michael’s, students who don’t have health coverage are able to be treated at Turner House Health Clinic.
  • Collection of sweatpants for cold weather.
  • Providing healthy snacks during state educational testing.
  • Volunteer at “Dad’s Night”.
  • Volunteer as “Youth Friends”.
  • Volunteer to serve as a Breakfast/Lunch Buddy.
  • Help at the school’s book fair.
  • Support SoleSisters Running Club
To help, please contact Father David Cox at