Women Who Love

Women Who Love is a ministry for the women of St. Michael’s. We focus on building intergeneratonal relationships, growing our spirituality and faith, supporting various outreach efforts. This group is led by a team of women that come together and plan various events throughout the year. Contact the church office or the Women Who Love Coordinator to get information on upcoming events.

Opportunities include:
Large Social Gatherings: All the women of St. Michael’s are invited to come together for an evening filled with food, fellowship and discussion. These large gatherings occur three times a year.

Growing our Spirituality and Faith: Women that are interested get together for a book study that focuses on expanding faith. These book study groups are small in size to help with small group discussions.

Prayer Retreat: Take a morning to come together with a group of women for prayer. These morning prayer retreats will provide instruction on different forms of prayer and time to put that into practice.

Small Group Bible Study: Get together to study a book of the bible to understand what it teaches us about God and ourselves.

Outreach: Participate in coordinated donations directed to existing ministries here at St. Michael’s. This allows us to best serve their immediate needs by donating specific supplies they request. We also participate at St. Paul’s serving breakfast and at Ronald McDonald House cooking/serving lunch or dinner.

Social Fun: Come see a movie. Grab a bite to eat. Have a drink during happy hour. Sip coffee or tea with friends. We have many chances to connect and build friendships.

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To get more information about this group please contact the church office at 913-236-8600.

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