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We would like to meet you, say hello, and give you a tour. Please call us at 913-236-8600 to coordinate your visit. We look forward to meeting you!


6630 Nall Ave., Mission, Kansas 66202 Learn More

Main Entrance
West door at the bottom of the parking lot.
Upper level
Spencer Hall
Upper level
Nursery Entrance
Lower level
Garden Entrance
Memorial Garden
Drop Off
South door--automatic door for wheelchair access.
Wheelchar Accessible Parking
Reserved disability parking is on the circle drive accessed from Nall Avenue just north of 67th Street. Wheelchair access to the building is available through the red doors visible from the circle drive (Garden Entrance).
South Entrance
Drop off
Cloud Chapel
Nave: Main Worship
Main Parking
Wheelchar Accesible Parking
Enter through south entrance.
North Entrance


You are welcome to visit St. Michael’s at any of our services.  If you would like to talk with the clergy or staff during the week, just call ahead to schedule an appointment (913-236-8600).

What & How

I’m interested is attending a church service
You have several options each week. If you have questions, please call the church office.
I’m interested in learning about Children’s programs
Please call the church office and ask to speak to the Youth and Families Minister. You will also find some information under the Fellowship & Connection and Learning & Spiritual Practices tabs on the home page.
I’m interested in getting involved in church activities
You are most welcome to attend church events. Please look at the church calendar on this website as well as the Fellowship & Connection tab. If you have questions about activities or groups, please call church office for assistance.
Do I need to join the church to attend services?
No. You are welcome to attend services without being a member.
Do You Have Other Questions?

Please call us at 913-236-8600 or email us at and we will answer all of your questions

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