Holy Matrimony

The witnessing, celebration, and blessing of a marriage is a sacramental rite in the Episcopal Church. While marriage is not necessary in the way that baptism and communion are to the life of faith, we affirm that couples receive the grace of God through the blessing of marriage and within their relationship with one another. Marriage is a celebration of human love as exemplary of God’s love. The rite of marriage affirms and signifies God’s presence in the relationship being blessed. At St. Michael’s, we happily recognize God’s blessing of same-sex couples. We welcome same-sex couples to have their ceremony here and to be a part of our church community.

At St. Michael’s weddings are reserved for couples who are active participants in the life of the church, either faithful members of St. Michael’s or their home church(es). The church is a place where Christian believers come to worship God. The wedding ceremony is a worship service in which the engaged couple, the hosts of the service, are asking God to bless their relationship. If you are such a couple, then we would be delighted to talk to you about having your wedding at St. Michael’s. You can get the process started by filling out the information form below.

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