Caring for the People of St. Michael's

The role of the Pastoral Care Team is to communicate the inner meaning of the Gospel to persons in the time of need.  It is more of a function than an activity, more of a living relationship than a theory or interpretation, or  a matter of being than of doing.  It is the relationship between the Pastoral Care Team and a member of the church, and it is the realization of the love of God that you have in your heart.  The most important aspect is the ministry of presence and the ministry of hope through prayers by the community.  Pastoral Care is the people of God sharing the love of Jesus Christ in all life’s situations.

The Pastoral Care Team is composed of 9 ministries:

  • Communicare:  This ministry is a personal way of letting people know that we do care by connecting with parishioners through the writing of cards and letters.
  • Meals for Families:  We offer meals to those in need on a temporary basis.  This ministry is a collection of cooks who coordinate their efforts to make sure meals are provided for parishioners who need them because of an illness, injury or other crisis.
  • Funeral Hospitality:  This ministry is offered to families at the death of a family member or loved one by providing a light reception for family members before the funeral service and a reception for all attendees following the service.
  • Healing Blanket Ministry:  The blanket or shawl is crocheted in the shape of a triangle or rectangle in multiple colors and blessed by a priest before delivery to the parishioner.
  • Parish Prayer Chain:  Updates to the Intercessory Prayer List are made daily through emails and phone calls.
  • Durable Medical Equipment:  Equipment is offered to parishioners following surgery, injuries, or balance issues.  The team delivers and picks up equipment when needed.
  • Visitation:  The purpose is to bring loving concern by way of a personal visit to those who are unable to get outside their homes or room due to age, illness, or other circumstances.
  • Eucharistic Visitors: EVs are trained at St. Michael’s, “licensed” by the diocese to visit people in their homes and in hospitals, bringing the experience of loving discipleship, communal worship, and the sacrament of Holy Communion.
  • Stephen Ministry:  This is an active ministry of caring and understanding for parishioners who need someone to walk with them during a difficult time and to remind them that they are not alone.
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