Serving Through Music Ministry

Music is an integral part of the worship at St. Michael’s and there are many who share in work and fellowship for this purpose.

The St. Gregory Choir, sings for the 10:45 am Sunday Service and presents psalms and fine choral music as part of the weekly liturgies. From September to June, members rehearse on Wednesday evenings and before the Sunday services. The music is unaccompanied or usually with organ and on occasion with orchestral instruments. During the summer months, the Summer Choir does not vest and only has a rehearsal at 10:00 am for easy service music. Summer Choir is open for anyone to come and sing for the day.

The St. Michael Singers, sings for the 8:30 am Sunday Service and in a more casual way supports the singing of the congregation. Accompanied by an instrumental ensemble of guitars, woodwinds, and light percussion, volunteers come up to sing together for the Offertory and Communion music. There are no vestments and singers arrive a few minutes before the service to hear any new songs.

The Children’s Choir meets is directed by Diana Mullin and children leave during the sermon and prayers to learn singing and prepare a piece to add to the 8:30 or 10:45 service about once a month. Ages are usually Grades 1-6.

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To get more information about this group please contact the church office at 913-236-8600.

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